Today is RED Day! This week I was so pro

Today is RED Day! This week I was so proud when my 10 year old son noticed a serviceman in fatigues at a restaurant and walked up to him to thank him for his service. Our service members surround us on a daily basis. You are in a unique position when you see them to thank them. Our children are never to young to learn the cost of freedom. Welcome Home & Thank you for Serving!

COURTNEY’S RED POST: The Boot Campaign

COURTNEY’S RED POST: The Boot Campaign is a great way to support our veterans.


The Boot Campaign is a non-profit military appreciation and veteran awareness campaign based in Texas. Launched in 2009 by a group of women known as The Boot Girls, its mission is to express gratitude to the troops, spread awareness of the needs of military personnel and support their transition home. Through the sale of signature military combat boots, the Boot Campaign donates proceeds to a group of partner charities, one of which is the Military Warrior Support Foundation.